They held a memorial for the kids today. The students that - died.

Fuck, they were murdered. And then left out on display like some kind of... I don't know what.

Animal attack. Right. Animals don't drag a body out of the forest and delicately arrange it in the middle of a fucking Quidditch Pitch. It wasn't an animal, it was a monster. One that walks on two legs and can think.

The rumors say it was a werewolf and at the mention of the "W" word suspicion turns toward Remus but I know it wasn't him. It couldn't have been him. He wouldn't have done something like that, if the wolf had managed to escape the man, he wouldn't have moved them.

That's something only a madman would have done. One who has lost his reasoning, welcomed the animal in, reveled in the release.

Why don't I remember that night?